American businesses and consumers rely on the availability of insurance services provided at competitive rates. The Coalition for Competitive Insurance Rates is made up of business organizations, consumer advocacy groups, insurers and their associations advocating for continued and increased competition within the insurance industry.



A proposal in President Barack Obama’s FY 2015 budget seeks to deny a tax deduction for reinsurance premiums paid to foreign affiliates by domestic insurers. The proposal closely resembles legislation introduced in Congresses by US Representatives Richard Neal (D-MA) and Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) and Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) that would drastically raise insurance rates across the country. The President’s budget proposal and the Neal-Pascrell-Menendez legislation would impose an unnecessary and costly tariff on the companies that help spread insurance risks globally. This ability to spread risk has been especially beneficial for consumers and businesses in areas subject to hurricanes, earthquakes, crop failures and other forms of disaster.

More than 100 independent experts, state government officials, business owners, and associations have publicly filed opposition letters to these tax proposals. Additionally, the Brattle Group, an economic research firm, has published a study pointing out the potential economic consequences of the legislation.




Press Release: State Officials, Consumer Advocates Reject a Discriminatory Tax Proposal in FY 2015 Budget

The Coalition for Competitive Insurance Rates (CCIR), the leading voice for continued and increased competition within the insurance industry, today objected to a proposal within the Obama administration’s FY 2015 Budget that would deny a tax deduction for certain reinsurance premiums paid to foreign-based affiliates by domestic insurers.

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Senator Pat Toomey: Reinsurance Tax Plan Harmful to Economy, Jobs

Senator Max Baucus recently released tax reform discussion drafts detailing proposed changes to America's international tax regime, accounting methods, and cost recovery rules. These are important topics and I am grateful that Senator Baucus released these drafts before departing the Senate to serve as America's ambassador to China. Unfortunately, there are multiple provisions in these discussion drafts that I believe would impede economic growth and move tax policy backwards.

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Press Release: Senate Finance Committee Tax Reform Draft Ignores Warnings on Harmful Reinsurance Tax 

The Coalition for Competitive Insurance Rates (CCIR), the leading voice for continued and increased competition within the insurance industry, today objected to  the inclusion of language in the Senate Finance Committee’s discussion draft of tax reform that would change the tax treatment of affiliated reinsurance operating the United States. The decision by Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) to include this provision in the Finance Committee’s draft ignores warnings from elected officials, state insurance commissioners, trade experts and consumer advocates that this tax would drive up the cost of insurance to homeowners and small businesses.

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Orlando Sentinel - Letter to the Editor: Bills would harm property insurance

As proud and hard-working Floridians, Florida Concrete & Products Association members are dedicated to providing Florida with high-quality products that improve the state's transportation needs. While it is not uncommon for the more than 175 companies we represent to adapt to new regulations and laws passed on the local, state and federal levels, proposals being considered in Congress could drastically affect the livelihood of FCPA members.

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Florida Insurance Council: Bills Bad for Insurance

Sam Miller, Florida Insurance Council: As residents of the most hurricane-prone state in the world, Floridians need and deserve a stable and healthy insurance market to ensure a swift and easy recovery when the next storm impacts our state. Unfortunately, as Citizens Property Insurance Corp. works to return to its original mission of "insurer of last resort," and state lawmakers implement changes to reinvigorate the private insurance market, a federal issue jeopardizes our state's forward progress.

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